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Cycle training for everyone

Bikeability is ‘cycling proficiency’ for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. Cycle Leeds trained over 5,000 pupils last year and we are dedicated to expanding the range of cycling activities we can offer outside of school to all age groups. Cycle training as well as giving you confidence to cycle more will probably make you a better driver of a car/vehicle. Our female and male instructors are available to offer training to all age groups no matter what their ability is.

Bikeability in schools builds pupils confidence as cyclists and is often their first experience of cycling on the road. Pupils will have lots of fun during their training and learn core cycling skills at the same time! Our team have trained over 15,000 pupils over the last three years and our experienced staff will make it easy and a simple to book with as little disruption to your school as possible. Bikeability is now an annual event for year 5 or year 6 pupils in the vast majority of Leeds schools. We are also now seeing a demand from pupils, parents and high schools across the city for advanced Level 3 training.

We cover basic cycling skills and bike handling (level 1), road safety skills (level 2) and advanced (level 3) training. In addition all children are taught how to check that their cycle is roadworthy and to keep it safe.

With low pupil to staff ratios, you can be confident of high quality tuition with excellent success rates through well structured, fun sessions. All our staff have enhanced CRB’s and are first aid qualified.

 Cycle Leeds Cycle training and activities 2018/19 

Cycling Activities for SILCs