LEEDS Inclusive Sportshall Athletics- Come & Try Event - Primary & Secondary Invite

LEEDS Inclusive Sporthall Athletics - Guidance Notes

LEEDS Secondary Inclusive Aqua Invite

LEEDS Primary & Secondary Boccia, New Age Kurling Invite

Active Schools

AS Primary Inclusive Aqua Invite 

AS ‘Come and Try’ ks2/3/4 Inclusive Badminton Invite

AS 'Come and Try' KS2/3/4 Inclusive Golf Invite

AS 'Come and Play' Inclusive Football Invite 

wy YST Inclusion

WY YST INCLUSION - Secondary Disability Football Invite 

WY YST INCLUSION - KS2&3 Goalball Invite 

WY YST INCLUSION - KS2-5 Sitting Volleyball Invite 


LEEDS SILC Association - U16 Ft Invite


Sense: Active Together, Inclusive Sports Event - 27.9.19

Inclusive Zone Basketball Invite - 15th Nov 2019

DSY - Junior Deaf Athletics Invite 2019

Row Leeds Indoor Championship Invite - Inclusive Race

WY Table Cricket - Invite

WY Table Cricket Rules

DSY - Lord Tavern - U19 Boccia Invite- Entry form

DSY- Junior Athletics 

ENGLAND Talent Day - Disability Football - Invite/entry form




It is the responsibility of individual schools to have appropriate risk assessments in place for all activities they attend. 

SGO’s and Active Schools will not send risk assessments direct to Schools.  They should download sample risk assessments from Evolve for all Active Schools and SSP events and personalise them.

 For large, centrally organised Active School events, risk assessments will be in the Active Schools tab of the resources section on Evolve.  For School Games and SSP events risk assessments are in the PE tab. 

The ‘Events’ risk assessment can be adapted to cover the vast majority of sites used, and for all multi skills activities. Your school may also add activity specific risk assessments if they feel it necessary. (sample activity risk assessments can also be downloaded from Evolve). 

As always a Transport risk assessment will be required

filming & photography

  • Please ensure that the member of staff in charge is aware of which pupils can/cannot be photographed

  • Pupils who cannot be photographed must be identified by a yellow wristband which will be provided

  • The school will be asked to identify a designated member of staff for photography who must wear a blue wristband which will be provided

  • Only images taken by that person can be used by the school

  • All persons accompanying the school must be informed of the following:

They may take photographs, however;

  • they must not display or distribute images taken unless they have consent to do so from the school or Active Schools;

  • they must not use images which may cause distress;

  • they must not use a mobile telephone to take images;

  • they must not take images “in secret” or take images in situations that may be construed as being secretive;

  • they must not take images of single children/young people with no surrounding context;

  • they should ensure that in all images taken children/young people are dressed appropriately

  • and that any inadvertent photograph taken of a child wearing a yellow wristband must be destroyed.


In the first instance staff are responsible for providing first aid to the children they have brought to the event.  There will be support for larger instances.  Please ensure you bring sufficient first aid supplies.