Who –

leads the JESS Sport Cluster programme, running a number of sports events across the year and delivering PE in JESS Cluster Primary schools along with Ben Clark  (Head of PE Department). All members of staff are fully qualified teachers, currently teaching at Cockburn John Charles while delivering parts of the programme.

What –

The JESS Sport Cluster programme is a primary PE initiative set up to provide greater opportunities for primary pupils within the South Leeds area. The programme is now into its 4th year of running, developing to the stage where we are now going into JESS Cluster primary schools delivering PE on weekly basis. We deliver a wide range of sports and activities, providing opportunities for pupils to take part in activities and represent their schools in a competitive setting.
Our calendar encourages primary pupils of all ages to take part in events across the year, allowing pupils to showcase their talents away from the school playground.
The success from the 1st year has allowed us to progress and we are now delivering PE in our primary schools, giving further ideas and support to primary staff when delivering PE and also giving us the opportunity to teach pupils over a period of time with the end product being the JESS Cluster event.

When & Why –

Initially the programme was set up in 2014. In the first year started with 8 schools from the South Leeds area, all of whom bought into a Service Level Agreement. As the programme has developed, more primary schools have felt the need to join the programme and as a result we now work with 10 schools from all over the South Leeds area. The programme started and has continued to develop because of the value that primary school teachers see in being up-skilled in PE, the staff value the input from specialists and gives them ideas for teaching, differentiation strategies to enable all to achieve and some to extend skills further.

Where –

The programme is based in the South Leeds area, with the majority of events being held at Cockburn John Charles. We have also built excellent relationships with John Charles Centre of Sport and hold a number of events across at the stadium, which helps to provide a really special occasion for all the pupils involved.

How –

The programme is funded via the primary schools, who all use their PE and Sports Premium funding. This is a good use of the money available as the programme meets the national objective to develop and improve the opportunities and delivery of primary PE.

Further Information –

If you would like any further information about the programme please do not hesitate to contact ? 


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