The Morley Schools’ Sports Association (MSSA) is an association of the fourteen Primary Schools and three Secondary Schools in the Morley Family. Representatives from each school meet on a termly basis to plan a calendar of sporting events for the Primary school children.

The association has been running for a number of years now and is the only association of its kind in Leeds. MSSA was originally formed to organise a football league to ensure that the Primary School children had more opportunities to play as a team. Over the years, the association has grown and the calendar of events has evolved to include thirteen different events during the academic year. The events organised also cover a wider range of sports and target different age groups. All of the events are organised by the Primary or Secondary school staff with help from the Young Sports Leaders from the Secondary schools.

The aims of the association are:

  • To increase participation in sport.

  • To increase opportunities for inter-school competition.

  • To promote the Sporting Spirits.

(Teamwork. Determination. Honesty. Passion. Respect. Self-Belief)

  • To develop Young Sports Leaders.



MSSA Event Calendar 2018-19

MSSA - Timetable of Events- Entry form


MSSA Trophy Table