0-19 Physical Activity, PE & Sport Programme

All young people in Leeds deserve and should be entitled to the best Physical Education, sport and physical activity system possible with:

·     Outstanding PE lessons which encourage literacy, learning and leadership

·     Competitive school sport and extensive sporting opportunities in school and through clubs

·     Physical activity which promotes healthy active lifestyles

The Active Schools Programme is promoting a sustainable system through developing a team of people and partnership models with schools and organisations that support the delivery of high quality Physical Activity, PE and Sport. 

Active Schools comprises a strategic and operational lead, a support officer lead and a Steering Group incorporating Head Teachers, SGO’s and partners such as Children’s Services, Sport and Active Lifestyles, Public Health, Youth Sport Trust and West Yorkshire Sport.

AIM: to capture important information in terms of PE, Sport and Physical activity, that is relevant to Head Teachers, Subject Leaders, staff and governors in all schools, children’s centres and other learning settings across Leeds.

Our Vision: By 2020, to become the best city in the UK for excellence in Physical Activity, PE and Sport

Mission: To promote and develop, through collaboration and partnership, a sustainable system for Physical Activity, PE and Sport that enriches the lives of all children and young people

The Active Schools values: 


  • More young people benefitting from PE, Sport and Physical Activity
  • Challenging everyone to achieve their personal best
  • Raising academic achievement and improving health through PE, Sport and Physical Activity


  • Raising aspirations through motivating and inspiring young people
  • Supporting teachers to develop their skills to deliver high quality PE, Sport and Physical Activity
  • Using the sport premium funding to maximise impact and ensuring Ofsted readiness


  • Providing opportunities for young people to learn and play together
  • Increasing opportunities for networking and sharing outstanding practice
  • Working in partnership to realise your school vision


  • Providing activities, role models and pathways to encourage pupils to be active and excel
  • Introducing new and innovative practices and resources
  • Developing outstanding and effective Subject Leaders to influence and impact on whole school


  • Developing pupils who are determined, engaged, motivated and who
  • appreciate PE, Sport and Physical Activity and all that they can offer
  • Ensuring teachers are demonstrating a positive attitude towards PE,Sport and Physical Activity
  • Enabling schools to recognise the values and impact of high quality
  • PE, Sport and Physical Activity


Leading to happy pupils

  • Leading to motivated staff
  • Leading to successful schools