Ping Pong 4 U has been created to enable a wide range of people of all ages and of all abilities to enjoy the greatest game on Earth!

As Ping Pong 4 U has worked with more and more groups, we have seen some amazing things…

Sometimes we witness really moving scenes of joy… 
When a blind person can play a rally, witnessed by her daughter…
When a quadriplegic sweats in the process of knocking over plastic cups….and the room cheers. 
Ping Pong 4U wants to work with you to create more and more of these magical moments!

We want YOU to join our movement to bring more fun and stimulation to those who you care for!

Together we can make a real difference!

We can make people feel really special, we can genuinely include them!

We have devised and adapted a number of table tennis related games: Adapted Ping Pong Activities (APPA) which are hugely popular. The APPA games are fun, engaging, simple to set up and can be played on any surface. Some of the activities can also be played without a table.

Ping Pong 4U can bring endless fun to:

  • People with Learning Difficulties

  • Older people

  • Toddlers

  • Students at Special schools and Colleges

  • People with Dementia

  • People with Mental Health Issues

  • People on the Autistic Spectrum

  • Quadriplegics

  • People in wheelchairs (amputees, stroke sufferers, people with cerebral palsy etc.)

Ping Pong 4U can provide:

  • High quality, enthusiastic delivery

  • Bespoke training, including an APPA handbook, for staff, volunteers, carers

  • High quality, carefully picked resources to meet your individual needs