JCPP- Rounders Competition 2019

VENUE: CJC Academy


SCHOOLS ENTERED: Sharp Lane, Hunslet St Marys, St Joseph, Low Rd & Ingram Primary

Low Road Knock It Out Of The Park

It was the second Jess Cluster event in the space of a week as Sports Day was followed by Rounders. Once again the weather was perfect and with the Rounders pitches freshly marked out on the Cockburn John Charles field the only thing left to do was play! Each game was extremely close with some fine hand eye coordination on show, with teams batting and fielding exceptionally well. Just as impressive was the scorekeeping and officiating of Sports Leader Lewis Cordingley, who displayed a vast knowledge of the rules and regulations. Each school played each other once and in the end it was Low Road who took the Gold with 4 wins from 4, demonstrating the great work Miss Kendall has done with them in lessons.

1st Low Road 12pts

2nd Sharp Lane 7pts

3rd Hunslet St Mary’s 4pts

4th St Joseph’s 3 pts

4th Ingram Road 3pts

jcpp - rounders.png

JCPP Sports Event 2019

Super Ingram Shine at Sports Day

With the Sun shining brightly at the John Charles Centre, the scene was perfectly set for the JESS Cluster Sports Day. Pupils from Ingram Road, Hunslet St Mary’s and Beeston Primary battled it out in a close contest of Track and Field Athletics. As well as the glorious weather the cheering and support added to the carnival atmosphere with banners and cheerleaders in the crowd. Children competed in the 100m, 200m and 400m races as well as the shot putt, javelin, long and triple jump events. All competitors received first, second or third placed medals for their event before the exciting finale in the 4x100m races. The schools were evenly matched with only 10 points separating each school but it in the end it was Ingram Road who managed to take the trophy home with a total of 63 points.

1st – Ingram Road 63pts

2nd – Hunslet St Mary’s 60pts

3rd – Beeston Primary 53pts


Leeds South and Central SSP - Active school Plus KS2 Girls Football

DATE: 6th June 2019

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Sharp Lane, Middleton St Marys (A) & (B), Clapgate (A) & (B)


MSSA - Netball Competition 2019

DATE: 11th June 2019

VENUE: Morley Academy

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Morley Vic, Asquith, Westerton, Birchfield, East Ardsley, Gildersome, Seven Hills, Churwell.

A huge thank you to all the schools who attended the Netball event yesterday at TMA. It was amazing to see 8 schools and 90 students all participating. They were all fantastic & played with excellent sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

The schools were separated in to two pools & the results of the pool games are below.

Pool 1 

Morley Victoria  - 5 points

Gildersome - 9 points

Birchfield - 7 points

Sevenhills - 3 points

Pool 2

East Ardsley - 5 points

Asquith - 7 points

Westerton - 3 points

Churwell - 9 points 

Therefore Gildersome & Churwell were the winners of their pool & played in the final with Churwell winning 4 - 0 and taking the trophy home for the third year running. The second place from each pool was Birchfield & Asquith and Birchfield clinched 3rd spot 2 - 1.

Thank you again for attending - 8 teams was fantastic!! I also have to say the standard is getting better & better each year, there were some phenomenal players both girls and boys. Well done.

Kate Unsworth
Director of PE
The Morley Academy

JCPP - Basketball Competition 2019

Venue: Cockburn John Charles

Recently Year 3 and 4 pupils of the JESS Cluster Primary’s showed off their impressive basketball skills in two exciting tournaments. There was exceptional speed, agility and basketball technique on show as well as knowledge of the rules and as always, great sportsmanship and teamwork. Clapagate received their first Gold medals of the year with two wins over Ingram Road, showing off some very impressive shooting. Hunslet St. Mary’s then continued their fine form, winning their fourth competition this year due to their slick passing and moving. Well done to everyone who took part in the event and a special mention to Mr Evans for his refereeing. Next up is the Year 6 dodgeball tournament…

Event 1

Clapgate 1st

Ingram Road 2nd

Event 2

Hunslet St Mary’s 1st

Low Road 2nd

Windmill 3rd

New Bewerley 4th


LEEDS S & C SSP - School Games- Kwick Cricket Competition 2019

DATE: 20th May 2019

VENUE: Hunslet Nelson CC


SCHOOLS ENTERED :Sharp Lane (A & B), Rothwell St Marys , Beeston St Francis Asissi (A/B/C), East Ardsley (A & B), Ingram, Westwood, Hill Top Primary   




Huge thank you to PRO ACTIVE SPORTS - Fantastic effort in support Schools and officiating games - We will be calling on your services again soon!!!


Winners - Rothwell St Marys

2nd Place - Beeston St Francis Assisi

3rd - Hill Top

4th - Westwood

5th - East Ardsley (A)

6th - Ingram

Huge congratulations Rothwell St Marys & St Francis of Assisi Primary, who have qualified to represent Leeds S & C SSP @  LEEDS Kwick Cricket SG Final

Good Luck!!

Certificates - Winners- Download Document

Certificates - 2nd Place Download Document

Certificates - 3rd Place - Download Document

Certificates - 4th Place - Download Document

Certificate of Achievement - Download Document







LEEDS South & Central SSP - Active schools KS1 Come & Play Football

DATE: 9th May 2019

VENUE: Hunslet Club

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Ingram (A) & (B) & New Bew & Middleton St Marys Primary

Tour De Yorkshire - Ingram Primary

Ingram Primary - Head Teacher

‘Thank you Active Schools Plus for inviting our school to take part in the Tour de Yorkshire !

All 30 children we invited to take part arrived at school on time, we walked in to the city centre and the children had an AMAZING time !

One of the Yr6's said it was his 'best day ever' !

It was really well organised and we are so grateful that our children had this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thanks again!!’

LEEDS S & C SSP - School Games High 5 2019

DATE: 1st May 2019

Venue: Rodillian Academy

Schools entered: Robin Hood (A&B), Clapgate (A&B), Morley Vic, Churwell, Rothwell St Marys, Carlton


1ST PLACE - Churwell Primary

2ND PLACE - Morley Vic

3RD PLACE - Carlton

4TH PLACE - Rothwell St Marys

Congratulations Churwell on qualifying through to the City Finals.

Good luck







LEEDS S&C SSP - School Games Tag Rugby Competitions - Oulton Raiders 2019

DATE: 30TH April 20179


VENUE: Oulton Raiders Rugby Club

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Colton, Robin Hood, Morley Victoria & Greenmount Primary



1st Place - Robin Hood

2nd Place - Morley Victoria

3rd Place - Colton

4th Place - Greenmount


Huge congratulations Robin Hood & Morley Vic Primary, who have qualified to represent Leeds S & C SSP @  LEEDS City Tag SG Final

Good Luck!!



Certificate - Winners - Download Document

Certificate - 2nd Place - Download Document

Certificate - 3rd Place - Download Document

Certificate - 4th Place - Download Document


LEEDS S&C SSP-School Games Tag Rugby Competition - Hunslet Warriors 2019

DATE: 25th April 2019


VENUE: Hunslet Warriors Rugby Club

SCHOOLS ENTERED: New Bew (A,B,C) Sharp Lane, Westerton, Churwell, Middleton St Marys, Clapgate, Hunslet Car, Ingram Primary



1st Place - Churwell

2nd Place - Westerton

3rd Place - Middleton St Marys

Huge congratulations Churwell & Westerton Primary, who have qualified to represent Leeds S & C SSP @  LEEDS City Tag SG Final

Good Luck!!



Certificate - Winners - Download Document

Certificate - 2nd Place - Download Document

Certificate - 3rd Place - Download Document

Certificate of Achievement - Download Document

JCPP- Primary School’s Make a Splash! 2019

The final events to take place before the Easter half-term were the JESS Cluster Aqua Festivals on the 27th and 28th March. Pupils of all swimming abilities from Clapgate, Sharp Lane, Low Road, Windmill and Hunslet St. Mary’s took part in a variety of fun and exciting races. As well as the conventional races such as freestyle and breaststroke the Aqua Festivals included races such as the egg and spoon, beach ball and body board events. After the races had concluded the pupils enjoyed half an hour of play time in the water whilst the CJCA Sports Leaders took a deserved lunch break. To conclude, there were water polo tournaments to bring each festival to a close which were again, competed with excellent sportsmanship and effort. On day one it was Windmill who came out on top against their Music Federation rivals Low Road with Sharp Lane narrowly edging out their neighbours Clapgate on day two.

Thank You to all the class teachers and their pupils who attended on the day for their hard work and endeavour to ensure our first JESS Cluster Aqua Festivals were a success!

Wednesday 26th March 2019

1st Windmill

2nd Low Road

Thursday 27th March 2019

1st Sharp Lane

2nd Clapgate

3rd Hunslet St Mary’s

MSSA- Swimming Gala 2019



YR GROUP:4/5/6

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Westerton, Asquith, Fountain, Birchfield, East Ardsley, Morley Newlands, Churwell, Blackgates, Hill Top, Gildersome, Seven Hills , Morley St Francis Primary

Well done to everyone that took part in the swimming gala at John Charles Centre this morning. It was great to see the 12 schools taking part and enjoying all the races. It was also great to see some fantastic swimming. The competition seems to get tougher every year!  

Thank you so much to the Woodkirk Sports Leaders and James for organising them. They were fantastic this year and ensured that the gala ran smoothly and finished on time, regardless of the slightly delayed start. 


LEEDS S&C SSP- Active Schools+ Aqua Festival March 2019

DATE: 26.3.19

YR GROUP: 4/5/6

VENUE: John Charles Centre For Sport - Aquatics

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Oulton, Middleton St Marys, St Joseph, Cottingley, Rothwell Primary

Over 100+ Pupils attended The second of 3 Active Schools + Aqua Festivals In the Leeds S & C SSP. Schools new and old to the event had much fun and enjoyment!! Where Participation was the focus!!

Whilst, the Advanced swimmers competed in School Teams against each other in water polo, non and beginner swimmers took part in individual races which encouraged water confidence!!

Many thanks to all involved - Pupils and staff!!


AS+ Participation Certificate - Download

Sporting Spirit Certificates - Download


LEEDS S&C SSP- Active schools U9 come & play Ft 2019

DATE: 21st March 2019


VENUE: Hunslet Club

SCH00LS ENTERED: Sharp Lane (A) & (B), Westwood, Greenmount (A) & (B), Ingram(A) & (B), Clapgate (A) & (B) Lane End & Carlton Primary




LEEDS S & C SSP- Mini Tennis QR @ COckburn 2019

DATE: 18th March 2019

YR GROUP - 3/4&5

VENUE:  Cockburn HS

SCHOOLS ENTERED: St Philips, Rothwell St Marys, Middleton St Marys, Middleton Primary


Yr 5

1st - Rothwell St Marys - 28 points

2nd - Middleton - 26 Points

3rd- Middleton St Marys - 23 Points

4th - St Philips - 19 Points


1st - Middleton St Marys - 40 Points

2nd - St Philips - (A)- 36 Points

3rd -St Philips - (B) - 31 Points

4th- Rothwell St Marys - 28 Points

5th- Middleton - 25 Points

Download Document - Mini Tennis- 1st PLACE

Download Document - Mini Tennis - 2nd PLACE

Download Document - Mini Tennis - 3rd PLACE

Download Document -Mini Tennis- Certificate of Achievement


MSSA - Volleyball 2019

Date: 7th March 2019

A huge thank you to the following schools who entered the Volleyball competition at TMA last week.


East Ardsley



The students started the afternoon with a mini coaching session led by Elaine Brown who works across The Gorse Trust in conjunction with Leeds Volleyball club. I would like to thank Elaine for attending the event & sharing her skills & knowledge with the staff & students. 

Her email is for those who were asking. 

Following this the students participated in a tournament. The girls played against the girls & the boys played against the boys.

The winners of the girls tournament were Birchfield and the winners of the boys tournament was Westerton.

Overall the winners with on goal difference was Westerton, followed by Birchfield, Churwell & East Ardsley 


Kate Unsworth

Director of PE

The Morley Academy

LEEDS SSP - School Games OAA Competition 2019

DATE: 12.3.19

VENUE: Nunroyd Park

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Rothwell Vic, Farsley Springbank, Holy Family, Valleyview, Westwood, Raynville, Christ The King, Weetwood, St Margarets, Sacred Heart Primary


Well Done!! Fantastic Effort, especially in very wet, cold and windy conditions!! Great Resilience.

‘This is the first time every team has completed the race with no time penalties (missing controls, visiting the wrong one or taking them in the wrong order). Well done Leeds!’

Simon Martland
Junior Development Officer

Leeds SSP - SG Participation Certificate - Download

Local Yr3/4 Football Competition - 2019

DATE: 26.2.19 & 5.3.19

VENUE: Lane End Primary

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Ingram Road, St Lukes Beeston, Beeston Primary and Lane End.

Beeston Vs St Lukes - Beeston went through to the Final

QR- 26.2.19

Lane End Vs Ingram Road 0:0 Ingram Road went through to the final on penalties

Finals and Play off: 5.3.19 

Beeston Vs Ingram Road 2:0 to Beeston who took home the trophy                                           Lane End Vs St Lukes 0:0 with another penalty shoot out decider. St Lukes won on penalties.

Leeds SSP - School Games Hockey - March 2019

DATE: 8TH March 2019

VENUE: Sports Park Weetwood

WORKFORCE: Leeds University Students - Hockey Club


No Pathway – ‘As preparation for future Competitive Events’

‘Novice’ – Introduction to Quick Stick Hockey for Pupils & Staff

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Hovingham (A) (B), Guiseley, Ingram (A) (B), Richmond Hill (A) (B), Carlton, St Augustine, Carveley Parkside, Holy Rosary & St Annes, Westwood Primary

Download Leeds Participation Certificate


Highly Competitive – Leeds Qualifier for WY SG – Open to teams who have prepared & experience of competitive Hockey

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Bramham, Shadwell, Middleton St Marys, Allerton C of E Adel St John, Lady E Thorp Arch, Moortown, Manwood, Moor Allerton, Pudsey Southroyd, Adel, Highfield, Colton, Cobden Primary.

Fantastic Turn out of Leeds Schools, on a very wet & cold Day. Efforts weren’t dampened and spirits were high. Each School Team fought hard in both Pools!!! with many draws and close games!! Leeds University Student did a brilliant job on refereeing the Games. Thank you to all involved - with special mention Leeds University Hockey Coach Carl!! Without your continued support the School Games Competition would not be the success it is today!!!


Top 2 Teams qualify through to Play offs - Semi Finals

Middleton St Marys, Allerton Cof E and Lady E- Thorp Arch came joint 2nd in Pool 1

Therefore-Went through the process of:

Goal Difference-Middleton St Marys 1, Allerton Cof E & Thorp Arch had 3

Head to Head - Draw between the Allerton Cof E & Thorp Arch schools!!

Goals For - with Lady E -Thorp Arch ‘Nipping to the post’ by 1


Pitch 1:

Colton (0) V’s (1) Lady E Thorp Arch

Pitch 2:

Adel (0) V’s (1) Shadwell


Colton (1) V’s (1) Adel


Lady E Thorp Arch (1) V’s (6) Shadwell

Winners - Shadwell

2nd - Lady E Thorp Arch

3rd = Colton & Adel

Huge Congratulations!! Shadwell - Leeds Champions!!

All four Schools have qualified to represent Leeds at WY Winter School Games @ Leeds Beckett on the 27th March 2019.

Very Best Of Luck!!

Download Leeds Participation Certificate