MSSA - Sports Day 2018

DATE: 20th June 2018


VENUE: Bruntcliffe Academy

SPORTS LEADERS: Bruntcliffe Academy

SCHOOLS ENTERED:  Westerton,  Hilltop, Morley Newlands, Morley Victoria, Asquith,  Seven Hills,  St Francis, East Ardsley,  Gildersome,  Blackgates,  Churwell,  Fountain,  Birchfield Primary








LEEDS Yr4 Skipping Final 2018

DATE: 4th July 2018

VENUE: Leeds Beckett University

Yr Group: 4



Thank you all so much for an amazing morning at Leeds Beckett University for the 2018 Year 4 Leeds City Final! The atmosphere was electric!

The skipping ability on display from your lovely Year 4s was absolutely incredible!! We feel so proud of them all, so we are sure you do :)

Please find attached the certificate results sheet as promised, to help you add the children’s names and skipping skills to the certificates we presented.

Congratulations again to Kippax North on winning the event and being crowned 2018 Year 4 Leeds City champions!

We would like to thank you all for your commitment to our project throughout the last few months, and all the time and effort you have put in to preparing the children for the events. We know how hard you work and are so grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm.

Thank you again to ITN Mark for sponsoring the whole project and providing the participation certificates and winners trophy.

We’ll be back to do it all again next year, and will be in touch next week with all the details. 

Jodi, Chris, Leanne & Caroline

Jodi Corcoran

Skipping School Ltd

MSSA - Rounders Competition 2018

DATE: 4th July 2018

VENUE: Morley Academy

SPORTS LEADERS: Morley Academy

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Westerton, Birchfield, Churwell, East Ardsley, St Francis & Asquith Primary

On Wednesday 4th July The Morley Academy hosted the Year 5/6 annual rounders tournament. 

The schools competed in two pools and the winners of each pool played in the final. 

Pool A was Birchfield, East Ardsley and St Francis. In pool B was Westerton, Asquith and Churwell. 

East Ardsley and Asquith played in the final where East Ardsley retained the title with a 11 - 6 win.

3rd place was Churwell & 4th place was St Francis

A huge thank you for attending the annual rounders tournament. The standard of play was excellent. 

Kate Unsworth- Director of PE The Morley Academy

MSSA - Football Tournaments U9 & U11 2018

Venue: Bruntcliffe Academy

Lead Organiser - John Costello (Birchfield Primary)


Date - 7th June 2018

Schools Entered: Birchfield, East Ardsley, Gildersome, Hill Top, Westerton, Morley Victoria, Churwell, Seven Hills,  Morley Newlands, St. Francis and Fountain Primary

Newlands, Westerton Gildersome and Fountain reached the semi finals; both games finished 0-0 with Newlands and Fountain going through on penalties. The final also finished 0-0 with Fountain winning on penalties again.



Date - 14th June 2018

Schools Entered: Birchfield, Blackgates, East Ardsley, Gildersome, Asquith, Hill Top, Westerton, Morley Victoria, Churwell,  Seven Hills, Asquith, Blackgates and Drighlington Primary.

13 schools, 15 teams in total.

Following group stages, Westerton A and Fountain played in one semi and Drighlington and East Ardsley played in the other. Westerton and east Ardsley reached the final which again finished 0-0 and resulted in Westerton winning with a penalty shoot out.

MSSA -Dodgeball Competition 2018

DATE: 23rd May 2018

VENUE: Birchfield Primary

YR GROUP - 3-6

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Asquith, Birchfield, Blackgates, Churwell, East Ardsley, Gildersome, Hill Top, Seven Hills, Morley Victoria & Westerton Primary


This tournament was re-arranged because of bad weather and ended up taking place on Wednesday 23rd May.

Altogether 10 schools from the Morley area attended with twelve teams in total as Gildersome and Birchfield both entered two. Each squad was made up of a minimum 8 players from years 3-6, boys and girls, which meant that there was at least 96 children participating, with a lot of staff and parent spectators in tow. 

Very keenly contested; in the End Birchfield A and Asquith met in the final with Birchfield coming out on top as winners.

The weather was kind and I'm fairly sure everyone who was there enjoyed the event.

Thanks very much

John Costello

Year 6 teacher and PE coordinator

Birchfield School

Leeds South & Central SSP - Tri Golf School Games Competition 2018

DATE: 7th June 2018


VENUE: Howley Hall Golf Club

SPORTS LEADERS: Leeds City College

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Hill Top (A)&(B), Rothwell St Marys, Ingram (A)&(B) & Hunslet Carr Primary






1st Place - Rothwell St Mary

2nd Place -Ingram (A)

3rd Place - Hunslet Car

4th Place- Hill Top (B)

5th Place - Ingram (B)

6th Place - Hill Top (A)

Huge Congratulations to Rothwell St Marys who have qualified to represent Leeds at the West Yorkshire Summer School Games. Good Luck!! 


1ST PLACE- Winners - Download Certificate

2ND PLACE - Download Certificate

3RD PLACE- Download Certificate

Certificate of Achievement- Download Certificate

JCPP Rugby Competition

DATE: 22nd May 2018

VENUE: Cockburn John Charles

SCHOOLS ATTENDED: Low Rd, Windmill, Clapgate, Ingram, Beeston, New Bewerley, Park View & Sharp Lane Primary

Tuesday saw a total of 8 primary schools attend the JESS Cluster Touch Rugby Festival held here at Cockburn John Charles Academy. This was a fantastic event with some excellent rugby and teamwork skills on display. 

Another Music Federation Derby saw Windmill Primary emerge victorious in a play off final against Low Road to claim first spot. Low Road were certainly not disgraced to be taking home the silver medals as they narrowly missed out to their neighbours. Also in a a battle for 3rd and 4th place were Beeston and Clapgate, with Clapgate taking the final medal place. 

A great night for the primary schools involved with the JESS Cluster. Well done to all. 

LEEDS S & C SSP - School Games- Kwick Cricket Competition 2018

DATE: 21st May 2018

VENUE: Hunslet Nelson CC



Competition - Sharp Lane (A), Carlton, Woodlesford, Westerton, Rothwell St Marys, East Ardsley (A&B) & Hill Top Primary

Development - Ingram, Middleton (A&B), Sharp Lane (B), St Francis (A,B&C), Hugh Gaiskell




1ST- Woodlesford

2ND- Rothwell St Marys

3RD - Westerton

4TH - East Ardsley (B)

5TH- East Ardsley (A)

6TH- Hill Top

7TH - Sharp Lane

8TH - Carlton

Congratulations to Woodlesford & Rothwell St Marys, who have qualified to represent the LEEDS South and Central SSP at the Leeds SG Kwick Cricket Final

Well Done & Good Luck!!

LEEDS South & Central SSP - Active schools KS1 Come & Play Football

DATE: 9th May 2018

VENUE: Hunslet Club

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Ingram & Sharp Lane Primary

MSSA - Netball Competition

DATE: 3rd May 2018

VENUE: Morley Academy

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Asquith, Blackgates, Westerton, Birchfield, East Ardsley, Gildersome, St Francis, Churwell.

The 3rd of May was the annual primary netball event at TMA with a record number of entries. The schools that entered were placed in to two pools as follows

Pool 1





Pool 2

East Ardsley


St Francis 


In pool one Westerton achieved the top spot by winning two games and drawing with Birchfield taking their points to eight, followed by Asquith won lost against Westerton. In the pool two Churwell came out victorious winning all their pool games, with Gildersome taking the runners up spot.

The final was between Churwell v Westerton and Churwell came out overall winners with a score of 9-0.

A huge thank you to all staff and students for attending the event. The students netball skills were fantastic. 

Kate Unsworth
Director of PE
The Morley Academy

JCPP- Dodgeball

Date: 24th April 2018

Venue:The South Leeds Academy

Schools Entered:Sharp Lane, Ingram Road, Clapgate, New Bewerley, Low Road Primary

Tuesday saw the first ever KS1 Dodge-ball finals held at Cockburn John Charles Academy. This was a fantastic event which gave year 1 and 2 pupils their first experience in  competitive sport against other schools. Sharp Lane emerged victorious with Ingram Road and Clapgate finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. There were some great skills on show from all schools involved and all deserve a huge amount of credit. Well done to all!

LEEDS S&C SSP - School Games Tag Rugby Competitions QR-Oulton Raiders

DATE: 25TH April 2018


VENUE: Oulton Raiders Rugby Club

24th April - SCHOOLS ENTERED: Rothwell St Marys, Woodlesford, Robin Hood (A/B), Thorpe, Oulton, Carlton, Rothwell Victoria Primary


Pool 1

1st woodlesford

2nd Carlton

3rd Robin Hood A

4th Thorpe


Pool 2

1st Robin Hood B

2nd Westwood

3rd  Oulton 

4th Rothwell Victoria


7/8th place Final – Thorpe 5 v 0 Rothwell Victoria

5/6th Place Final – Robin Hood A 3 v 0 Oulton

Semi Final 1 – Woodlesford 5 v 0 Westwood

Semi Final 2 – Robin Hood B 4 v 2 Carlton

Robin Hood B & Woodlesford Qualify to Leeds City Finals.


Huge congratulations Robin Hood & Woodlesford Primary, who have qualified to represent Leeds S & C SSP @  LEEDS City Tag SG Final

Good Luck!!

LEEDS S & C SSP - Active Schools 'Come & Play' U11 Football

DATE: 19th April 2018

VENUE: Hunslet Club

SCHOOL ENTERED: Ingram, New Bewerley, Westwood (A)(B), St Francis, St Philips, Sharp Lane Primary

Team Photos


LEEDS S&C SSP - School Games Tag Rugby Competitions QR- Hunslet Warriors

DATE: 24TH April 2018


VENUE: Hunslet Warriors Rugby Club

24th April - SCHOOLS ENTERED: Hunslet St Marys(A/B/C) , Middleton St Marys , St Lukes, St Joseph (A/B/C) , Ingram, Westerton, Churwell, Middleton, Rothwell Primary







Huge congratulations Hunslet St Marys & Churwell Primary, who have qualified to represent Leeds S & C SSP @  LEEDS City Tag SG Final

Good Luck!!

LEEDS S & C SSP- Mini Tennis Qualifying Rounds

DATE: 26th Feb 2018

YR GROUP - 3/4&5


SCHOOLS ENTERED: Hunslet Car, Ingram & Clapgate Primary


DATE: 5th March 2018

YR GROUP - 3/4&5

VENUE: Cockburn HS

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Middleton, Rothwell St Marys, Rothwell & St Philips Primary

Yr 5

1st - Middleton

2nd - Rothwell St Marys

3rd- St Philips

4th - Rothwell


1st - Middleton

2nd - Rothwell St Marys

3rd - St Philips

4th - Rothwell

DATE: 13th March 2018

YR GROUP - 3/4&5

VENUE: Bruntcliffe Academy

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Westerton, Hill Top & Rothwell Victoria

Yr 5

1st - Rothwell Vic

2nd - Hill Top

3rd- Westerton


1st - Rothwell Vic (A) 

2nd - Rothwell Vic (B)

3rd - Westerton 


DATE: 19th April 2018

VENUE: Hunslet Club

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Carlton, Ingram & Sharp Lane Primary

Well done Ladies - Create effort.

Certificate of Achievement - Download Document 

MSSA - Football League 2017-18

Date - Sept-April 2017-18

Venue: Woodkirk Academy

Schools Entered: Westerton, Churwell, Asquith, Driglington, EastArdsley, Gildersome,    Fountain, Birchfield, Victoria, Hill Top, Seven Hills & Blackgates Primary

Jez Whawell - Lead Organiser

'Congratulations to everyone for managing to get so  many fixtures completed despite the adverse weather. It has been another great season and we have seen some excellent goals and come close games. It is a close league with a good standard of football being played by all - proved by the fact that it goes down to the final round of games to decide the champions.

Thank you for all your patience with the constant rejigging of fixtures, days and dates.

Thank you to James Wynn for helping to organise the games and for the referees.

Thank you to the referees themselves for giving up their time.

I look forward to seeing you at the summer tournaments for Y4 and Y6.'

CONGRATULATIONS Westerton Primary!!!

MSSA- Swimming Gala 2018



YR GROUP:4/5/6

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Blackgates, Gildersome, Morley St Francis, Drighlington, Hill Top, Birchfield, Westerton, Fountain, Churwell, East Ardsley, Morley Victoria, Seven Hills, Asquith &  Morley Newlands Primary

Thank you to everyone that took part in the MSSA Swimming Gala on Wednesday 28th March 2018. It was brilliant to have all the schools represented and it was a fantastic morning of sport. There were some super swimmers taking part and hopefully they will have a future in the sport!

Thank you to James and all the Sports Leaders from Woodkirk for supporting the event and ensuring that the event ran smoothly. 

 I hope the children are pleased with their medals if they were an individual winner. Please present participation certificate to all pupils who took part in the event and the Sporting Spirit Certificates which you can use if appropriate.

Thank you once again for supporting the event. 



LEEDS S & C SSP - School Games High 5

DATE: 21st March 2018

Venue: Rodillian Academy


1ST PLACE - Churwell Primary

2ND PLACE - Rothwell St Marys Primary

3RD PLACE - Robin Hood Primary

Congratulations Churwell & Rothwell St Marys on qualifying through to the City Semi Finals.

JCPP - Basketball Competition

DATE: 5th & 6th Feb 2018



VENUE: The South Leeds Academy

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Hunslet Carr, Beeston, Sharp Lane, Park View Academy, Low Rd & Ingram Primary

'Tonight saw Beeston Primary claim first spot #at the JESS Cluster Basketball finals Heat 2 #. A huge congratulations to @HunsletCarrPS & @slpsleeds who claimed 2nd # and 3rd # spot. A great event'

'An excellent 2 nights this week at the #JESSCluster Basketball finals #. Congratulations to @ParkViewAcademy who claimed first spot #yesterday evening. Also a great effort by @LowRoad56E and @IngramRoad who claimed 2nd # and 3rd # spot respectively'