ACTIVE School 'Come and Play' U11 & U9 Football Festivals

Hunslet Boys and Girls Club was the venue for the LEEDS South and Central Active Schools - Come and Play Football Festivals for U9 & U11 MIXED Teams across the Academic year.


Dates: 22nd Oct 2015

Schools Entered: Richmond Hill, Sharp Lane Primary (A) & (B), Clapgate Primary

Dates: 11th Nov 2015

Schools Entered: Shakespeare (A) & (B), Hunslet Car (A) & (B), St Joseph, St Francis, St Philips (A) & (B), Richmond Hill, Westwood Primary

Dates: 9th March 2016

Schools Entered: Shakespeare (A) & (B), Hunslet Car (A) & (B), St Philips (A) & (B), Richmond Hill, Sharp Lane (A) & (B), St Joseph Primary, Rothwell C of E, Westwood Primary


Dates: 8th Oct 2015

Schools Entered: St Joseph, St Philips (A & B) Primary

Dates: 3rd Nov 2015

Schools Entered: Shakespeare (A & B), Hunslet Car (A & B), St Jospeh, St Philips (A & B), Sharp Lane Primary


Schools Entered:Shakespeare (A & B),Hunslet Car (A & B),St Jospeh, Westeood, Robin Hood (a/b &c), Richmond Hill, Sharp Lane (A & B) primary

The emphasis of the festivals were participation!! fun and enjoyment and love for the game!!