LEEDS S & C SSP - School Games Mark - 2015-16 - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Huge congratulations!! School Games Mark 2015-16!!

School Games Organiser, Helen Holdsworth, is delighted to announce that we have, once again, surpassed last year's total for School Games Mark applications.

For those of you whose schools applied successfully, I am pleased to announce that their remaining collateral - in addition to the certificate and logo already available to download via your SCHOOL SG Dashboards - ACCESS COLLATORAL ,will be dispatched to me (SGO - Helen Holdsworth) on the w/s Monday 21 November 2016, and in turn will be delivered to your schools.

Bronze schools will receive a newly designed A5 card, which is available to frame if the recipient desires. Silver schools will receive a School Games pennant, while Gold schools will receive a plaque and plinth combo.

Successful schools Include:




Once again congratulations!!!

Many thanks for your hard work & continued support of the School Games & Leeds S & C SSP.