JESS Cluster Primary PE Programme - Sports Hall Ahthletics Heat 2


DATE: 26th Sept 2018

SCHOOLS ENTERED: Clapgate, Sharp Lane, Windmill, Ingram Primary

VENUE: Cockburn John Charles

The second JESS Cluster Sports Hall Athletics took place on the 26th September 2018 with another fantastic display of ability and sportsmanship. On this occasion it was Windmill who took first place with Ingram road runners up ensure their place in the Trophy Final on the 17th October. Once again the hard work of Cockburn John Charles’ Sports Leaders enabled the event to run smoothly and efficiently. On this occasion there were over 20 leaders on hand; a fantastic show of dedication and hard work taking place in the academy. A big well done to all involved. Keep up the hard work in lessons to improve on those scores at the next event!

Mr Burnell

Primary Sports Coordinator

Cockburn John Charles Academy