SPORTING SUCCESS -Thorpe Primary Pupil- Cameron


Active Schools and the Brownlee Foundation partnered to offer Leeds Schools the opportunity to experience Triathlon. Thorpe Primary pupil,  Cameron, attended the day excited and enthused by the experience, wanting to pursue the desire to do more!! and that's what he did!! 


  • Training - Cameron trains 4 times a week, Monday is running for 1 hour, Tuesday is indoor pool swimming for 1 hour, Friday is cycling for 1.5 hours and Saturday is open water swimming for 1 hour (indoors in winter). Cameron struggles a bit currently with the cycling and is on average 2 minutes slower at that discipline than where his running and swimming times would put him if that makes sense, the reason for this is that he didn't start riding a bike until last year and it's just about practice and learning gear changes at correct times on grass to hard surfaces etc.


  • Tri-Start1 which is for age 8-10 years. 

Triathlons in 2016:

  • Wakefield Duathlon 8th May (1.6km run and 2km bike) - Cam's times 7m31s run , 11m11s bike
  • Wakefield Triathlon 20th June(150m swim, 2km bike and 1.2km run) - Cam's times4m25s swim, 9m16s bike, 6m16s run
  • Cholmodeney Castle Triathlon 20th June (100m swim, 4km bike, 1.3km run) - Cam's times 4m42s swim, 13m14s bike, 7m2s run
  • Ripon Triathlon - 10th July (150m swim, 2km bike and 1.2km run) - Cam's times 4m37s swim, 9m25s bike. 6m1s run
  • Holmfirth Triathlon - 17th July (135 swim, 2km bike and 1.2km run)
  • Castle Howard Triathlon - 23rd July (100m swim, 4km bike, 1.3km run)
  • Chateaux de Chantilly Triathlon, France - 28th August (100m swim, 4km bike, 1.3km run)
  • Ilkley Aquathon - 17th September (100m swim and 1.2km run)
  • Hever Castle Triathlon - 24th September (100m swim, 4km bike, 1.3km run)
  • Craven Energy Triathlon - 25th September (150m swim, 2km bike, 1.2km run)


  • Football

Cameron plays for Hunslet Club U9's (U10's from Aug 16) and scored over 60 goals last season, he also plays for the York City FC Advanced Academy Squad U9's (U10's from Aug 16), he is required to train with them for 2 hours every Monday and 1 hour every Tuesday with Saturday training and matches most weekends. This does impact on Triathlon training as Mondays and Tuesdays do clash and because he enjoys both he just balances between the two at present.


Cameron started attending football, running and multiskills after school clubs last year in Year 3.  He demonstrated a great skill and natural talent in these clubs and did really well in the cross country and football fixtures that he played.   I chose him for the Brownlee triathlon this year because of his involvement and excellent sportsmanship and he took a keen interest in triathlon.  Thorpe PE Subject Lead gave details of the Wakefield junior triathlon club to his Mum and he has been training with them since the start of the academic year.   Last year (Y3) we also sent some flyers home for the York City FC junior trials and Cameron was selected and still currently trains with them.  He was also identified by City of Leeds Swimming this year in his curriculum swimming lessons and Mum is going to take him onto the taster session that he has been invited to at John Charles.  Dad(Darren Read) coaches at Carlton Cricket club where Cameron plays and has coached and supported us with the cricket fixtures at Thorpe for the last two years.  (Last year we played the y3's and y4's up a year group) Cameron was added to the gifted and talented register at Thorpe for PE at the end of Year 3.