JCPP- Primary School’s Make a Splash! 2019

The final events to take place before the Easter half-term were the JESS Cluster Aqua Festivals on the 27th and 28th March. Pupils of all swimming abilities from Clapgate, Sharp Lane, Low Road, Windmill and Hunslet St. Mary’s took part in a variety of fun and exciting races. As well as the conventional races such as freestyle and breaststroke the Aqua Festivals included races such as the egg and spoon, beach ball and body board events. After the races had concluded the pupils enjoyed half an hour of play time in the water whilst the CJCA Sports Leaders took a deserved lunch break. To conclude, there were water polo tournaments to bring each festival to a close which were again, competed with excellent sportsmanship and effort. On day one it was Windmill who came out on top against their Music Federation rivals Low Road with Sharp Lane narrowly edging out their neighbours Clapgate on day two.

Thank You to all the class teachers and their pupils who attended on the day for their hard work and endeavour to ensure our first JESS Cluster Aqua Festivals were a success!

Wednesday 26th March 2019

1st Windmill

2nd Low Road

Thursday 27th March 2019

1st Sharp Lane

2nd Clapgate

3rd Hunslet St Mary’s